Stack Attack

2003 FIRST Game

Stack Attack is played on a 54' by 24' carpeted field. A 2 foot high platform, sized 4' by 12' is located in the middle of the field. The platform is accessed by 8' ramps on each side. The game is played by two alliances, red and blue, each consisting of two robots. A match consists of three time periods, a 10 second human player period, a 15 second autonomous period, and 1 minute 45 second driver control period. The scoring objects are blue Sterilite plastic storage containers, measuring approximately 24" by 17" by 16". In the human player period, all four human players will enter the field and place their 4 containers anywhere within their scoring zone. During the autonomous period, robots will attempt to ascend the ramp to knock 29 containers from the top of the platform into their alliance's scoring zone. All points are tallied at the end of the match, with one point awarded for each container in the scoring zone, except for the tallest stack. All eligible containers are multiplied by the highest stack, the multiplier stack, to calculate the total score. Additionally, 25 extra points are awarded for any robot that is touching only the top of the platform at the end of the match. Standings are kept in qualifying matches, not by wins and losses, but by qualifying points which are equal to the winning alliance score plus two times the losing alliance’s score for the winning alliance and just the losing alliance score for the losing alliance. 

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    2003 FIRST Robot

    Simbot Sally

    Simbot Sally Robot


    • 4 wheel Quadrasteer, wheels rotate in tandem to allow for better cornering and stack protection, geared for 7 fps
    • Stacker: Linear elevator lifts stacks by the height of two bins, to make room for an additional bins to increase stack size
    • Paw: A device at the top of the stacker which applies pressure to the stack to keep it secure
    • Bin Manipulators: A "flipper" to right bins which have fallen over, and a "whacker" to orient bins such that they fit within the stacker

    2003 FIRST Season Recap

    The seed for was planted in October 2002. General Motors of Canada St. Catharines Ontario Engineering Director, Stephen Rourke and Governor Simcoe Secondary School Technical Director, Greg Phillips met to discuss the possibility of fielding a rookie team in 2003 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). The enthusiastic discussion, along with generous financial and mentor support from General Motors of Canada, quickly unfolded into an exciting rookie season for FRC Team #1114 "GM Simbotics". The team designed and built Simbot "Sally" - competing in two successful 2003 Regional Competitions in Pittsburgh and Toronto, followed by a trip the National Championship in Houston, Texas. Engineers from General Motors mentored the motivated and creative students from Governor Simcoe to achieve one of the most successful rookie seasons in the 2003 FRC Game "Stack Attack".

    Driver: Brent Selvig
    Operator: Emerald Church
    Human Player: Sean Morris
    Coach: Paul Maddaloni

    2003 FIRST Events

    The Championship Event - Newton Division



    • Division Semi-Finalists
    • 86 Average QPs, 4-3 record in qualifying, Ranked 38th of 73 teams
    • 13th pick in alliance selection
    • Elimination Alliance: Teams 782, 538, 1114
    • Inventor & 3D Studio Max National Top 5 Selection

    Canadian Regional



    • Regional Quarter-Finalist
    • 117 Average QPs, 3-5 record in qualifying, Ranked 9th of 51 teams
    • 8th Alliance Captain
    • Elimination Alliance: Teams 1114, 771, 772
    • Xerox Creativity Award

    Pittsburgh Regional



    • Regional Quarter-Finalist
    • 98 Average QPs, 6-4 record in qualifying, Ranked 8th of 34 teams
    • 7th Alliance Captain
    • Elimination Alliance: Teams 1114, 448, 45
    • Rookie All-Star