Aim High

2006 FIRST Game

Aim High is played on a 54' by 26' carpeted field. The game is played by two alliances, red and blue, each consisting of three robots. During a 10 second autonomous mode robots can be programmed to score into any of the three goals on each side of the field: one raised center goal and two corner goals at floor level. At the end of the autonomous period the alliance with the most points will be placed on defense for round two. Rounds two, three and four are each 40 seconds long and are human-controlled rounds. Between rounds two and three the alliances switch from offense to defense or vice versa. At the start of round 4 any alliance can score into the corresponding goals. At the end of the match any alliance can receive bonus points by placing its three robots on a platform below the center goal. The alliance with the most points wins with scoring as follows: 3 points for any ball scored in the center goal, 1 point for any ball scored in the corner goals, 10 bonus points for scoring the highest in the autonomous round and 25 points for placing all 3 robots on the platform at the end (10 points for 2 robots and 5 points for 1 robot).

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2006 FIRST Robot

Simbot Beckham

Simbot Beckham Robot


  • High traction Brecoflex tracks
  • 2 speed AndyMark transmissions geared for 4 and 11 fps
  • PID feedback control used for a "base lock", the robot automatically fights back to hold it's ground when pushed

Ball Intake

  • 2 Window motors power rollers linked with polycord belting to grip balls, and convey them into out basket


  • 2 Globe motors power plastic chain which lift balls from the basket to the launcher


  • 8" Skyway wheels, powered by individually by a Fisher Price motor and a Dewalt transmission
  • The wheels spin in a counter clockwise direction to shoot the ball into the goal
  • Effective range of 8 to 26 ft with a fixed angle
  • The speed of each wheel can be controlled individually to create sidespin, allow the ball to curve. Used to make difficult shots.

2006 FIRST Season Recap

Team 1114 had developed a strong reputation for success over its first three seasons. But nothing accomplished in the past could match the events of the 2006 season. Simbot "Beckham" was created with the goal of being the strongest robot on the playing field, yet while having the ability to handle "poof balls" with finesse. The goals were met, as at times Beckham seemed like an immovable object on the field. As a result the team had arguably the most successful regional season of all time, with three regional wins. This was the first time this feat was accomplished since 1998. Making this feat even more impressive was the fact that all three victories were with our younger triplet, Team 1503. On-field accomplishments were accompanied with success off the field. In 2006, Team 1114 won its first ever Chairman's Award.

Driver: Jeff B.
Operator: Peter D. 
Human Player: Brandon P. 
Coach: Derek B.
Chairman's Presenters: Peter D., Lindsay D.

2006 FIRST Events

The Championship Event - Curie Division



  • Divisional Finalist - Silver Medal
  • 6-1 record in qualifying, Ranked 3rd of 86 teams
  • 1st pick in alliance selection
  • Elimination Alliance: Teams 70, 1114, 48
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Greater Toronto Regional



  • Regional Champion - Gold Medalist
  • 9-1 record in qualifying, Ranked 1st of 74 teams
  • 1st Alliance Captain
  • Elimination Alliance: Teams 1114, 1503, 865
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Waterloo Regional



  • Regional Champion - Gold Medalist
  • 12-0 record in qualifying, Ranked 1st of 30 teams
  • 1st Alliance Captain
  • Elimination Alliance: Teams 1114, 1503, 1281
  • Chairman's Award
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Great Lakes Regional



  • Regional Champion - Gold Medalist
  • 7-1 record in qualifying, Ranked 3rd of 63 teams
  • 1st pick in alliance selection
  • Elimination Alliance: Teams 1503, 1114, 67
  • Radioshack Leadership in Control Award
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