Rack 'N' Roll

2007 FIRST Game

Rack 'N' Roll is played on a 54' by 27' carpeted field. The center of the playing field is occupied by the main scoring structure, the rack, containing 24 spider legs. The game is played by two alliances, red and blue, each consisting of three robots. To score, robots use tubes of their own colour to create columns or rows of their own alliances' colour. The game consists of a 15 second autonomous period where robots attempt to score "keeper" tubes on the rack and a 2 minute driver control period. Coloured tubes ("ringers") are worth 2 points and increase exponentially based on the length of the column or row. To negate points, black spoiler tubes may be placed over top of alliance ringers to nullify that tube's value and limit the exponential scoring. Alliances may score additional points if, by the end of the match, their robots in their home zone are lifted either 4" (15 points) or 12" (30 points) off the floor. 

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2007 FIRST Robot

Simbot Prime

Simbot Prime Robot


  • 6 wheel drive, 2 speed AndyMark Transmission, geared for 6 and 14 fps
  • 4" IFI Traction wheels


  • 2 degrees of freedom, elevator and shoulder joint
  • Elevator driven by a Fisher Price motor reduced 64:1
  • Shoulder joint powered by a Globe motor, activates a four-bar linkage for lifting the tubes
  • Arm has the ability to fall forward to make room for ramp deployment


  • Bent aluminum tube, molded to the shape of the tube
  • Powered by a window motor


  • Made of Aluminum Honeycomb Composite
  • When fully deployed 38" wide by 88" long
  • Winch powered by a Large CIM to lift ramp to a fully horizontal position, 13" above the ground

2007 FIRST Season Recap

As successful as the 2006 season was, Team 1114 looked to keep improving. Two new teams were founded, Team 2166 at Appleby College in Oakvile, and Team 2056 at Orchard Park SS in Stoney Creek. For the first time since 2004, Simbotics did not actively collaborate with any other teams, ending the run of the Niagara Triplets. Still, the team was able to achieve the same types of success that was found during the triplet era. Two regional victories in FRC by Simbot "Prime" took place in Waterloo and Toronto. 2007 also marked a new accomplishment for the team, winning the prestigious Indiana Robotics Invitational over the summer. This event featured the best teams from across FIRST, in what was one of the toughest competitions in FIRST history.

Driver: Brandon P.
Operator: Chris L.
Human Player: Luke V. 
Coach: Derek B.
Chairman's Presenters: Lindsay D., Matt C., Candice E.

2007 FIRST Events

FIRST Championship - Curie Division


  • Divisional Semi-Finalist
  • 6-1 record in qualifying, Ranked 5th of 86 teams
  • 1st pick in alliance selection, declined offer. 5th Alliance Captain
  • Elimination Alliance: Teams 1114, 469, 1523
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Greater Toronto Regional



  • Regional Champion – Gold Medalist
  • 7-1 record in qualifying, Ranked 6th of 63 teams
  • 1st pick in alliance selection
  • Elimination Alliance: Teams 1114, 2056, 176
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Waterloo Regional



  • Regional Champion - Gold Medalist
  • 9-2 record in qualifying, Ranked 1st of 30 teams
  • 1st Alliance Captain
  • Elimination Alliance: Teams 1114, 2056, 771
  • Engineering Inspiration Award
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Great Lakes Regional



  • Regional Semi-Finalist
  • 7-0-1 record in qualifying, Ranked 1st of 59 teams
  • 1st Alliance Captain
  • Elimination Alliance: Teams 1114, 67, 57
  • Motorola Quality Award
  • Best Website Award
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