2009 FIRST Game

Lunacy is played on a rectangular field that is 54' by 27'. This field floor is referred to as 'Regolith'. The regolith is designed to interact with robots, which must use a special mandatory wheel that may not be altered, to have reduced traction. This is supposed to mirror the effect of driving with low gravity on the moon.

Lunacy is played by two alliances of three robots each. The objective of the game is to score points by placing moon rocks (worth 2 points when scored) in the opposing alliance's trailers, which are dragged around by each robot. Empty cells (worth 20 points when scored) may be delivered to human players to be used later as "super cells". During the last 20 seconds of a match, supercells (worth 15 points when scored) may be put into play. 

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    2009 FIRST Robot

    Simbot Panthro

    Simbot Panthro Robot


    • (Iteration v1) 6WD, (Iteration v2) 4WD
    • 2 CIM through a custom transmission, geared for approximately 11 feet/sec
    • Custom aluminum chassis, welded and riveted


    • 2 Fisher-Price motors through a custom transmission power 1" rollers with polycord belting


    • 0.063" Aluminum sheet metal
    • Power rollers agitate balls and move them to the elevator


    • 2 CIMs through a custom transmission power a series of 1" rollers leading the ball up the elevator
    • High friction material on the rollers center the balls
    • Globe motor powers a sorter which allows the balls to pass in a single file stream

    Turreted Launcher

    • Turret powered by a Globe motor
    • Launcher hood (Orville) powered by a Window motor
    • Launcher roller powered by 2 RS-545 motors through a custom transmission


    • Traction Control routines using feedback from drive encoders, and follower wheels
    • Follower wheel assemblies made using VEX parts and sensors
    • Axis Camera tracks trailer location, allowing turret to lock on to targets

    2009 FIRST Season Recap

    Team 1114 entered 2009 looking to defend their World Championship title. Going into the 2009 season, Simbotics helped found two new rookie teams, Team 2809, "Kbotics" at Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute in Kingston, ON and Team 2852 "Redmen" at Dennis Morris High School in St. Catharines, ON. Team 1114 won their third Regional Chairman's Award, this time at the Greater Toronto Regional. Simbot "Panthro" was created hoping to distinguish itself from the field, and succeeded being regarded as one of the best "shooters" in Lunacy and taking home a regional victory at the Greater Toronto Regional and a design award. Team 1114 seeded first at the World Championships, becoming the first ever team to earn a Championship first seed in consecutive years. Unfortunately the team was defeated in the semi-finals, by the eventual division winners. After regional awards at Midwest and Greater Toronto regional, also took home the award for the Championship's Best Web Site.

    Driver: Brandon P.
    Operator: Chris L.
    Human Player: Luke V.
    Coach: Kyle W.
    Chairman's Presenters: Matt C., Candice E., Ryan S.

    2009 FIRST Events

    FIRST Championship - Archimedes Division



    • Divisional Semi-Finalist
    • 7-0-0 record in qualifying, Ranked 1 of 87 teams
    • 1st Alliance Captain
    • Elimination Alliance: Teams 1114, 2056, 503
    • Website Award
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    Simbotics entered the 2009 Championships in Atlanta looking to repeat as World Champions. Simbotics were competing in a tough Archimedes division, which featured 24 regional champions (including 1114 following the GTR win) and 2 two-regional winners (2415 and 2056, a member of the winning alliance in GTR). After a tough qualification... More

    Greater Toronto Regional



    • Regional Champion - Gold Medalist
    • 5-3-0 record in qualifying, Ranked 12 of 59 teams
    • 1st pick in alliance selection
    • Elimination Alliance: Teams 2056, 1114, 2185
    • Elimination Record: 6-1
    • Chairman's Award
    • Website Award
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    Team 1114 had two tough losses on the Friday, but finished the day in 10th and won another website award. Heading into the eliminations, Simbotics were in 12th place and were selected by the number one seed, Team 2056, "OP Patriotics". Our alliance was also able to select Team 2185, "ECI Robotics" in the second round. Both 2056 and 2185 were Regional Champions the previous week at the Waterloo Regional. After some very tough competition and a very exciting finals,... More

    Midwest Regional



    • Regional Quarter-Finalist
    • 7-1-0 record in qualifying, Ranked 2nd of 53 teams
    • 1st pick in alliance selection
    • Elimination Alliance: Teams 71, 1114, 1000
    • Best Website Award
    • GM Industrial Design Award
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    Team 1114 had a great Friday, finishing with a 6-0 record and winning the Regional Website award. After losing their final qualifying match, Simbotics finished with the second seed, ultimately being selected by four time World Champion and good friend Team 71. Unfortunately, the alliance of 71, 1114 and 1000 lost in the quarterfinals to a great alliance of Teams 1732, 2041 and 1652. Congratulations to the champion alliance of Teams 111, 1625 and 1675. The day finished with 1114 winning the GM Industrial Design Award. Although the end result was disappointing, we learned many valuable... More

    2009 Publicity

    Inventors play hard at Canadian robotics contest

    Robots resembling runaway factory hoppers roll around the Ontario Science Centre’s grand hall, tossing bright-coloured balls that look to be made of silly string. The bewildering game takes place... More

    Simbotics place 12th at world championship

    The robotics team from Governor Simcoe has landed a top-12 spot on the world podium for the seventh straight year. The 22-student Simbotics team competed at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta over the... More

    Simcoe robotics team takes on world

    It's called Lunacy. Listening to Greg Phillips describe the premise of the robotics competition in which 22 Governor Simcoe Secondary School students will test their mettle this weekend, the name is... More

    Simbotics Featured on Discovery's Daily Planet

    Recently, the Discovery Channel's Daily Planet gave a primer for the Greater Toronto Regional. They visited our team at our practice field and interviewed members of our team. They profiled us on... More

    Two city schools earn top robotics awards

    Two St. Catharines high schools have been elevated to the echelons of robotics greatness. Sir Winston Churchill and Governor Simcoe Secondary schools both earned major accolades at the VEX Robotics... More