Logo Motion

2011 FIRST Game

Logo Motion is played on a 27-by-54 foot carpeted field divided into feeding lanes, scoring zones and the remainder of the playing field. Logo Motion consists of two alliances of three teams each, trying to hang as many "logo pieces" on their 3-by-3 scoring grids. The higher the row on the scoring grid, the more points awarded for a hung logo piece. During the first fifteen seconds of the match, robots autonomously try to hang "ubertubes" for a doubling bonus for that tube and the peg on which it is hung. During the next two minutes, drivers try to retrieve logo pieces and hang them on their scoring grids. A doubling bonus is awarded if the FIRST logo is properly created (in the order triangle, circle, square). The match ends with robots deploying "minibots" up 10 foot high vertical poles, with the minibots making it to the top first earning a greater amount of bonus points.

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2011 FIRST Robot

Simbot Steve

Simbot Steve Robot


  • Riveted aluminum sheetmetal chassis
  • 6WD, 4" IFI wheels
  • 4 CIMs through modifed 2 speed AndyMark transmisions
  • Geared for approximately 7 fps and 16 fps


  • Sheetmetal tubes slide within each other
  • Slides smoothly on bearings, held in place by sheetmetal bearing blocks
  • Powered by one BaneBots RS-775 motor through a custom gearbox utilizing gears from the  Fisher-Price transmission
  • Power transfered in the first stage by #25 roller chain, in the second stage lifted by a nylon strap
  • Counterbalanced by a 5kg constant force spring
  • From floor to high peg scoring height in .6s


  • Pneumatically actuated
  • 2 positions for floor pickup and scoring (horizontal and vertical)
  • Fishing pole to keep tubes in proper upright position

Roller Claw

  • Powered by one BaneBots RS-775 motor through a custom gearbox utilizing gears from the Fisher-Price transmission
  • Timing belts run from the gearbox to the rollers
  • Paint on urethane rubber rollers


  • Drive: Encoders on each side of the drivetrain are used to calculate velocity and displacement. A gyro is used to keep track of angle.
  • Elevator: Encoder used to track and position height
  • Roller: Light sensor used to detect when tubes are obtained

Minibot: Simbot VEX Mukmuk

  • Riveted sheetmetal frame
  • Magnet holds Minibot on the pole
  • Direct driven from motors
  • Time to climb pole (deployment line to target trigger): approximately 0.98 seconds


  • Pneumatic arm flips down to prepare for deployment after lining up with tower base
  • Pneumatic piston releases, firing the minibot with latex tubing
  • Shuttle powered through linear slide bearings to the tower
  • Time until Minibot is on the pole: approximately 0.34 seconds

2011 FIRST Season Recap

The 2011 season began with heavy hearts for the Simbotics team and family as founding member Stephen Rourke tragically passed away in May of 2010. The 2011 robot was named Simbot Steve to honour Steve who represented a mentor, a friend, a colleague, and even a father figure to members of our large Simbot family. The regional season ended with three regional victories for Simbot Steve and wins in Pittsburgh and Toronto were with another team founded by Steve Rourke, fellow NiagaraFIRST team, Spartonics (Team 1503). The Waterloo Regional was won with our friends from OP Robotics (Team 2056) and a rookie team founded and mentored by Simbotics, Team 3756 Ram-ferno. The event also saw a world-wide high score set and then surpassed by our own alliance one match later. During the regional season, Team 1114 also received three technical awards and received recognition off the field with two Dean's List Finalist Awards, two website awards, an Outstanding Volunteer of the Year and the Greater Toronto East Regional Chairman's Award. At the World Championships, Simbotics finished out of the top 8 and were selected by the number one alliance and were unfortunately eliminated in the semi-finals.

Driver: Mike Q.
Operator: Jessa P.
Human Player: Taylor N.
Coach: Kyle W.
Chairman's Presenters: Craig R, Brittany S, Matthew C.

2011 FIRST Events

Indiana Robotics Invitational



  • Event Semi-Finalist
  • 8-1-0 record in qualifying, with a Ranking Score of 92.9, Ranked 1 of 66 teams
  • 1st Alliance Captain
  • Elimination Alliance 1114, 987, 67, 1732
  • Innovation First VEX Robotics Scholarship: Stacey Willick
  • Marcia Beatty Memorial Scholarship: Matthew Coffey
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The final event of 1114's season was again the Indiana Robotics Invitational. The 2011 field was tough, including two 2011 World Champions and nine Divisional Champions. With some rule changes and a very strong group of competitors, matches were all very high scoring and had tight margins of victory. Friday's tough qualifying matches left only two undefeated teams, 1114 (7-0-0) and 1126 (6-0-0).

After winning the first qualifying match, Team 1114 needed one more victory to ensure first seed. Unfortunately a missed autonomous mode led to a tough loss in our final match of the... More

FIRST Championship



  • Divisional Semi-Finalist
  • 8-2-0 record in qualifying, with a Ranking Score of 58.30, Ranked 1 of 36 teams
  • 1st alliance pick
  • Elimination Alliance: Teams 1771, 1114, 294

Simbotics entered the 2011 Championships hoping to improve upon last year's World Finalists placing. Joining Team 1114 in the Galileo Division were many strong teams including 254, 469, 111 and fellow Canadian teams 610 and 188. After Thursday and Friday qualifying matches, a few tough losses left us at 6-2-0 in 16th place. 

Friday night Simbotics had the opportunity to attend a concert of the Black Eyed Peas. At the concert, Team 359, The Hawaiian Kids were honoured with the 2011 Chairman's Award. Congratulations... More

FRC Greater Toronto East Regional



  • Regional Champion - Gold Medalist
  • 10-0-0 record in qualifying, with a Ranking Score of 23.80, Ranked 1 of 36 teams
  • 1st Alliance Captain
  • Elimination Alliance: Teams 1114, 1503, 1482
  • Regional Chairman's Award
  • Quality Award
  • FIRST Dean's List Finalist Award: Stacey Willick & Mike Quill
  • Outstanding Volunteer of the Year: Greg Phillips
  • Website Award
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Team 1114 entered their final regional of the 2011 season after their success at the Pittsburgh and Waterloo Regionals. The Greater Toronto Regional had a different feel after being split into two fields and two separate regionals for the first time. After Friday's qualifying matches, Simbotics were seeded first with a record of 8-0 and also winners the regional Website Award. Our own Greg Phillips also won the Volunteer of the Year Award for his dedication to the program ever since 1114's inception in the fall of 2002. Mentors Stephanie Thompson from 1503 and Stan Hunter from 2056... More

FRC Waterloo Regional



  • Regional Champion - Gold Medalist
  • 11-0-0 record in qualifying, with a Ranking Score of 52.27, Ranked 1 of 29 teams
  • 1st Alliance Captain
  • Elimination Alliance: Teams 1114, 2056, 3756
  • Industrial Design sponsored by General Motors
  • Website Award
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Team 1114 and Simbot Steve entered the 2011 Waterloo Regional looking to continue their winning ways established at the Pittsburgh Regional in Week 2. We entered Friday’s qualification matches with a difficult schedule ahead of us that saw us face strong competitors such as 2056 and 610 three times each. Despite some tough competition in Friday’s matches we ended the day 9-0 with a Ranking Score of 58, almost 20 higher than any other competitor. We capped off Friday by receiving the Website Award at the end of the day. After two more victories on Saturday morning, we finished... More

FRC Pittsburgh Regional



  • Regional Champion - Gold Medalist
  • 9-1-0 record in qualifying, with a Ranking Score of 35.2, Ranked 1 of 39 teams
  • 1st Alliance Captain
  • Elimination Alliance: Teams 1114, 1503, 3492
  • Engineering Excellence Award sponsored by Delphi
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Team 1114's 2011 competition season began with the debut of Simbot Steve at the Pittsburgh Regional. This past year, Simbotics' founding mentor Stephen Rourke tragically passed away. The 2011 season has been dedicated to his memory which included the naming of the robot in his honour: Simbot Steve. Simbot Steve and Simbot VEX Mukmuk overcame some technical difficulties to end the first day in first place with a single loss. We were also honoured with the Engineering Excellence Award. After completing the qualification rounds with two... More

2011 Publicity

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