2016 FIRST Game

STRONGHOLD  is played by two alliances of three teams each. Alliances compete against each other to breach their opponent's defences, known as outer works, and capture their tower. They score points by crossing elements of their opponents' outer works, scoring boulders in their opponents' tower goals, and surrounding and scaling their opponents' tower itself.

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2016 FIRST Robot

Simbot Sentinel

Simbot Sentinel Robot


  • Riveted 1/8” aluminum sheet metal chassis with steel base plate
  • 15.25” height for Low Bar clearance
  • Drive profile shaped like a wedge to raise the Portcullis passively
  • Six wheeled utilizing 8” Andymark Pneumatic Wheels
  • Powered by four CIMs with approximate top speeds of 7 ft/s (low gear) and 14 ft/s (high gear)


  • Manufactured from VEXpro VersaFrame Stock and sheet metal gussets
  • Intake captures BOULDERS with a roller then rotates inwards transferring the BOULDER to the feeder
  • Intake arm rotation is driven by two VEXpro BAG Motors through VEXpro VersaPlanetary Gearbox and is used to manipulate the Cheval de Frise and to wedge the Portcullis upwards
  • Roller utillizes four 2” mechanum wheels on a nylon 0.5” hex shaft
  • Light sensors detect when a BOULDER has entered the intake causing the rollers to hold position pinching the BOULDER
  • Roller is driven by a VEXpro BAG Motor through a 10:1 VEXpro VersaPlanetary Gearbox


  • Comprised of two double jointed arms with extendable hooks that engage RUNGS
  • PTO winch rotates the robot and lower hanger arms ending with the robot perpendicular to the ground and spaced out from the TOWER to give room for partner robots to SCALE
  • Constructed from VEXpro VersaFrame Stock and sheet metal gussets
  • Overcenter linkage locks the lower arm in place
  • Linkage mechanically locks the lower arm of the hanger to the drive base which is required for SCALING
  • Two pneumatic cylinders drive the overcenter linkage that deploys the hanging arm into position


  • Single 4” urethane flywheel shooter with a three position hood
  • Powered by a single VEXpro 775pro Motor
  • RPM feedback sensory provided by SRX Mag Encoder
  • Pneumatically actuated three position hood for OUTER WORKS shooting, closeup shooting and retracted position for Low Bar clearance
  • Comprised of four CNC milled 0.25” aluminum parts located by an rotary slot

2016 FIRST Events

The STEMley Cup Championship


  • Event Champions
  • Qualifying Record: 7-0-0
  • Rank: 1 out of 30
  • 1st Alliance Captain
  • Elimination Alliance: 1114, 2056, 5921

Indiana Robotics Invitational



  • Event Finalists
  • Qualifying Record: 7-2-0
  • Rank: 3 out of 69
  • 2nd Alliance Captain
  • Elimination Alliance: 1114, 195, 225, 1405

World Championship - Carver Division



  • Division Quarter-Finalists
  • Qualifying Record: 6-4-0
  • Rank: 27 out of 75
  • Elimination Alliance - 27, 1114, 20, 5924

Team 1114, after a long and challenging season, came face to face with the Carver division where we were pitted against some of the best teams in the world. After the first day, we found ourselves wondering how we could increase our performance for the rest of the competition. We returned the next day having spent hours analyzing the last day’s data to formulate the best strategy and make us more competitive. At the end of the qualification rounds we ranked 27th out of 75 total teams, with a record of 6-6, where we were first picked by team 27, Team RUSH and second picked team 20,... More

Waterloo Regional



  • Regional Finalists
  • Qualifying Record: 11-2-0
  • Rank: 1 out of 30
  • 1st Alliance Captain
  • Elimination Alliance: 1114, 2056, 5912
  • Gracious Professionalism Award

Continuing on with the 2016 season, team 1114 showed their stuff in the Waterloo Regional! This highly competitive event features 30 teams, all fighting for their chance to move on to the First Robotics World Championships in St. Louis, MO. Due to the communication and repeated teamwork of our team, we scored over 100 points in almost all qualification matches. We finished qualifications as the first seed, after an impressive 11-2 win/loss ratio. Governor Simcoe partnered up with our sister team, 2056 Orchard Park Robotics, and rookie team, 5912 Heritage Robotics to take on the other... More

Greater Toronto East Regional



  • Regional Finalists
  • Qualifying Record: 7-3-0
  • Rank: 7 out of 50
  • Elimination Alliance: 1241, 1114, 2935
  • Creativity Award

Team 1114 Simbotics, entered the Greater Toronto East Regional as our season's first competition. We started off the event with a 7:3:0 win loss ratio during qualification matches, ranking us in seventh seed. During alliance selection, we were first picked by second ranked team 1241 THEORY6 and also had team 2935 NACI join our alliance. We finished the event as Regional Finalists and were also awarded the Creativity Award. More