2018 STEMley Cup Championship

Team 1114 was thrilled to compete with 31 other teams at the 2018 STEMley Cup Championship. Finishing the very competitive qualification matches with a 6-1 win-loss ratio and 20 ranking points, we seeded 4th overall. During alliance selection, we picked Team 1241 THEORY6, Team 4308 ABSOLUTE ROBOTICS, and Team 7509 STEAMTeam Robotics. The highly competitive playoffs ended with our alliance taking home the STEMley Cup. This is the fourth time 1114 has had the privilege of hoisting the Cup. Congratulations to the finalists, Team 4917 Sir Lancerbot, Team 2056 OP Robotics, Team 6878 SJB Odyssey, and Team 1075 Sprockets.

2018 Windsor-Essex Great Lakes District

Team 1114 Simbotics and Simbot Smokescreen competed at our second event of the season, the Ontario District Windsor Essex Great Lakes Event, alongside 36 other very competitive teams. During the qualification matches, we earned a match record of 9 wins and 3 losses, placing us in the fifth seed. In alliance selections, we were picked by the first seed, Team 610 Crescent Coyotes and were joined by Team 6331 Sabotage to complete our alliance. During semi-finals we faced a highly determined fourth alliance and mechanical issues that were unable to be fixed in time for the tiebreaker match, resulting in the end of our playoffs run. Simbotics was thrilled to be awarded with the Gracious Professionalism Award sponsored by Johnson &...

2018 Ryerson District

 At the Ontario District Ryerson University Event, Team 1114 Simbotics competed at our first event of the season, along with 36 other highly determined teams. Throughout the qualification matches we achieved an 11-1 win-loss record seeding us 2nd overall. During alliance selection, first seed Team 5406 Celt-X picked us along with rookie Team 6878 SJB Odyssey. The event finished with our alliance finishing as the champions of the event, as well as Simbotics being awarded with the Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi. Congratulations to event finalists, teams 6917 The Voyageurs, 2706 Merge Robotics, and 4039 MakeShift Robotics, as well as the district Chairman’s Award winners Team 4039 MakeShift Robotics.