2017 World Championship - Darwin Division

Team 1114 competed at the St. Louis World Championships which consisted of 405 teams from all over the world. We were placed in the Darwin division where we were put against 67 (adjective) other teams. By the end of the qualification matches our team ranked 3rd seed with a win loss ratio of 7 wins and 3 losses. During alliance selection we selected teams 610 Crescent Robotics, 359 Hawaiian Kids, and 6387 Discobots Canada. After tough competition we ended as finalists in our division. Afterwards, the champions of each division moved on to Einstein in order to find the world champion. We would like to congratulate our division champion, and Einstein finalists, teams 1986 Team Titanium, 3310 Black Hawk Robotics, 3719 STEM Whalers...

Congratulations Geoff!

2017 Ontario Provincial Championship

Team 1114 competed at the Ontario Provincial Championships, alongside 59 other highly competitive robots. This competition displayed the innovation and ambition of FIRST Canada teams. Congratulations to Geoff Allen, our lead Mentor, for receiving the Woodie Flowers award! At the end of qualifications, our team had a win-loss ratio of 9-2, landing us in the 2nd seed position. During alliance selection, we picked team 188 Blizzard to join our alliance, as well as our second pick, team 2609 BeaverworX. After tough competition, we ended the competition as quarter finalists. We would like to congratulate the championship finalists, team 4939 Allspark9, team 2200 MMRambotics, and team 4976 Rebelsour, as well as district championship...

Team 1114 for Spirit Award!

2017 University of Waterloo District Event

For our second district event of our 2017 season, we competed at the Waterloo District Event. Managing to obtain a win-loss ratio of 9-3-0 during the qualification matches, we seeded second overall. During alliance selection, our sister team, Team 2056 OP Robotics had seeded first and picked us as their alliance partner, along with Team 6481 Deus ex Machina. We finished the University of Waterloo event as district event champions and received the Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation. Congratulations to the event finalists, teams 4678 Cybercavs, 3683 Team Dave, and 4814 Incubator, as well as the district Chairman’s Award winner, Team 4525 Renaissance Robotics.


2017 Ryerson University District Event

Team 1114 Simbotics competed at our first season’s competition at the Ryerson District Event, along with 38 other determined teams. After a rough start to the qualification matches, we gained our footing, improving our gear cycling time and our shooting accuracy during the autonomous period. By the end of the qualification matches, our win-loss ratio was 7-5, landing us in the 10th rank position. During alliance selection, first seed alliance team 610 picked us as their partner, alongside 5596. The competition concluded, with our alliance finishing as district event champions, as well as being rewarded the quality award (sponsored by Motorola Solutions Foundation). Congratulations to the finalists, teams 5024, 6052, 6378 and their...

1114 showcasing its ability on the Cheval de Frise

2016 World Championship - Carver Division

Team 1114, after a long and challenging season, came face to face with the Carver division where we were pitted against some of the best teams in the world. After the first day, we found ourselves wondering how we could increase our performance for the rest of the competition. We returned the next day having spent hours analyzing the last day’s data to formulate the best strategy and make us more competitive. At the end of the qualification rounds we ranked 27th out of 75 total teams, with a record of 6-6, where we were first picked by team 27, Team RUSH and second picked team 20, The Rocketeers. We continued to push through the playoffs, but were ultimately defeated in the quarterfinals. We had a great season with some fantastic...