2015 World Championship

On Wednesday April 22nd we arrived at St.Louis, Missouri, excited to compete with 607 of the best robotics teams from across the world at the World Championship. We were competing in the Curie subdivision with 75 other teams from Canada, America, Australia, Israel and China. On practice day of the competition we experienced some minor issues but quickly regained focus and practiced our tote-stacking and our three bonus tote auto. We ended off the day excited for tomorrow's qualification matches.


It was amazing to see the amount of teams that had new or improved “canburglar” mechanisms; it seemed as though every team had made major improvements to their robot and gameplay. The...

2015 Windsor-Essex Great Lakes Regional

Team 1114 was thrilled to attend our final regional of the season, The Windsor-Essex Great Lakes Regional. Forty-eight teams attended from all across North America, including teams from California, New York and Michigan.


The first day of qualifications went well with many alliances scoring over 120 points. We witnessed a higher level of teamwork and efficiency. In our first qualification match we experienced a rough start, however we quickly regained focus and achieved a qualification average of 144.1. We ended the day ranked second.


In our final four matches we managed to increase our average to 165.9, ‘swiping’ the first seed. This...

2015 Waterloo Regional

 After our success at Greater Toronto Central Regional, Team 1114 was excited to compete again in Waterloo. The Waterloo Regional has a storied reputation of being one of the world’s most competitive FRC events and this year was not an exception. With 30 teams coming from all over North America, this event gave us all a glimpse of what is to come at the Championship event.


Friday was a thrilling day, with many match scores exceeding 100 points. We were  fortunate with our schedule, having two matches back-to-back with our friends team 2056. During one of these matches we managed to score 284 points with the help of 2935, surpassing the previous highest score in the world...

2015 Greater Toronto Central Regional

Team 1114 Simbotics and Simbot Sideswipe began our Recycle Rush season at the Greater Toronto Central Regional. The Simbots quickly ‘swiped’ first place, starting the day off strong in our first match with a score of 122. Our average kept rising until it reached 141.5 at the end of Friday.


After all the qualification matches on Saturday morning the average had risen to 142.9 earning us the position of the number 1 seed and setting the world’s highest qualification average. Our team then formed a powerful alliance with 610, the Coyotes, and our  long time friends and “sister team” 1547, “Where’s Waldo?”.



2014 Greater Toronto East Regional

2014 Greater Toronto East Regional

Team 1114 and Simbot Evolution began their 2014 season at the Greater Toronto East Regional in Oshawa, Ontario. We began the qualification matches strong, earning a score 420 points in our first match of the year. With a record of 8-0 by the end of friday, we were constantly battling for first seed against Team 3683, in some instances, prompting the third tiebreaker to determine which team was on top.

Collecting two more victories on Saturday morning, we became the number one seed, and created a powerful alliance with teams 3683 and 4718. After a victorious series of quarter-final matches, our alliance moved onto the semi-finals unscathed. Losing our first match during semi-finals, the fifth seeded alliance...