Simbotics shortly after winning the Chairman's Award

Simbotics in the FIRST Hall of Fame

Team 1114: Simbotics is truly honoured to be recognized with the Chairman’s Award this past weekend. The Chairman’s Award is given to the team that best demonstrates the greatest commitment to spreading passion about science and technology to other people around the world. After five consecutive regional Chairman’s Awards, Simbotics has joined the FIRST Hall of Fame. Simbotics is the first Canadian team and first 4-digit number team to win the Chairman’s Award.

In the past decade, we have won 19 regionals, 1 world championship, and 6 Regional Chairman’s Awards. These accomplishments stem from some of the dedicated leaders on our team, demonstrated by our 3 Woodie Flowers Finalists, 9...

Simbots as their Chairman's video plays

2012 Chairman's Video: "I Remember"

FIRST Team 1114, Simbotics, is proud to present our 2012 Chairman’s Video, “I Remember”. Simbotics is celebrating our 10th season in FIRST and our submission looks back on all that we’ve accomplished on our team, within our community and throughout the world. We're proud to showcase to the FIRST community a side to our team that may not always be seen, but is crucial to our success on and off the field. Our students and mentors share a special relationship through our Big Simbot, Little Simbot program and we’re humbled to be able to share that with the FIRST community.

For more information about our team and our 2012 Chairman’s Award submission,...

2012 scouting database

2012 Championship Scouting Database Released

Divisions for 2012 FRC World Championships have been announced. Team 1114 finds themselves in Archimedes this year. This season, Archimedes has the second most event wins (50), the second highest percentage of teams making eliminations (82%), the second highest number of 1st overall picks (15) and the second highest max OPR (67 and MSC, 41.99). Team 1114 is once again excited to be in division with such great competitors.

Our division also features:

  • The top three teams from the Pre-Championship Poll of (67, 2056, 1114)
  • One team with four event wins (67 had three district wins and a State Championship)
  • One team with three regional victories (2056)
  • ...
1114, 3161, 2634 triple balancing

2012 Greater Toronto West Regional

Simbotics, Team 1114 entered Greater Toronto West Regional as our final regional for the 2012 season. After two regional wins, Simbotics were hoping to claim a third. Simbot Jordan had a successful Friday filled with eventful matches, coming out with a record of 6-1 and 10 co-opertition Points. Our team was also awarded with our third website award of the season. Congratulations to our website team for this tremendous achievement!

It came down to Simbotics’ final qualification match and despite the victory, we were unable to get any co-opertition points and were passed in the rankings by Team 3161. During alliance...

1114 drive team

2012 Waterloo Regional

Team 1114, Simbotics. entered the 2012 Waterloo Regional with our robot Simbot Jordan looking to build on the success found at the Greater Toronto East Regional. After Friday’s matches, we were in second place with a 7-2 record and a 26 Qualification Score. On Friday we were also recognized by winning our second Website award of the season.

We began Saturday in a difficult position behind 3161, but luckily after two matches each we finished seeding number one, with a record of 9-2. We ended up picking with an alliance consisting of Team  2056, OP Robotics; and...