1482, 1114, 1503 Setup before a match

2011 Greater Toronto Regional

Team 1114 entered their final regional of the 2011 season after their success at the Pittsburgh and Waterloo Regionals. The Greater Toronto Regional had a different feel after being split into two fields and two separate regionals for the first time. After Friday's qualifying matches, Simbotics were seeded first with a record of 8-0 and also winners the regional Website Award. Our own Greg Phillips also won the Volunteer of the Year Award for his dedication to the program ever since 1114's inception in the fall of 2002. Mentors Stephanie Thompson from 1503 and Stan Hunter from 2056 were honoured with Woodie Flowers Finalist Awards in the East and West Regionals respectively. Congratulations to you both, we are glad to see your...

2056 and 1114 scoring

2011 Waterloo Regional

Team 1114 and Simbot Steve entered the 2011 Waterloo Regional looking to continue their winning ways established at the Pittsburgh Regional in Week 2. We entered Friday’s qualification matches with a difficult schedule ahead of us that saw us face strong competitors such as 2056 and 610 three times each. Despite some tough competition in Friday’s matches we ended the day 9-0 with a Ranking Score of 58, almost 20 higher than any other competitor. We capped off Friday by receiving the Website Award at the end of the day. After two more victories on Saturday morning, we finished as the number 1 seed with a record of 11-0. We were able to form a strong elimination alliance with teams 2056, OP Robotics...

Drive teams of 1114, 3492, and 1503

2011 Pittsburgh Regional

Team 1114's 2011 competition season began with the debut of Simbot Steve at the Pittsburgh Regional. This past year, Simbotics' founding mentor Stephen Rourke tragically passed away. The 2011 season has been dedicated to his memory which included the naming of the robot in his honour: Simbot Steve. Simbot Steve and Simbot VEX Mukmuk overcame some technical difficulties to end the first day in first place with a single loss. We were also honoured with the Engineering Excellence Award. After completing the qualification rounds with two consecutive wins, we finished the event as the number one seed. We were able to select teams 1503, Spartonics from...

Simbot Steve

Simbot Steve Unveiled

March 10th through 12th Simbot Steve premiered at the Pittsburgh Regional.

Detailed Description | Chief Delphi

Logo Motion Logo

2011 FRC Game Unveiled

This year's game Logomotion has been unveiled, for more information please visit the FIRST Challenges section.