Kids in robotics competition could help address labour shortage skilled trades

My wife and I had the pleasure of attending the recent Waterloo regional robotics competition where the Triplets robotics teams competed.

My daughter is a member of the Governor Simcoe team and we were totally amazed at the energy and excitement of the competition. I did not believe this until my daughter told me to take the excitement of winning a regional ringette championship and multiply it by 10.

She was right.

With more than 1000 in attendance, the robots battled, the kids scouted, cheered, made adjustments and supported each other.

Not everyone drives robots but every does have a job to do and they are all part of the team. I’m impressed at the effort and commitment in getting kids in out high schools involved in science and technology. I work in the marine industry and it’s becoming harder and harder to get good qualified engineers and tradespeople to do our work as the numbers are in steady decline. Anyone is the mechanical field sees this across all industries.

These teams and their mentors spend countless hours in preparation for the events.

These schools have done something no other schools in Canada have accomplished.