Simcoe strikes gold in Chicago

Governor Simcoe Secondary School’s robot team picked up first place in a regional competition staged in Chicago.

The team, Simbotics, built a robot over a period of six weeks for the (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition. is an organization designed to inspire students in the areas of mathematics, engineering, science and technology.

Each year a new game is created, with this year’s challenge, Overdrive, being based on NASCAR, with the robot travelling around a track and manipulating 40-inch balls and launching them over a six-foot hurdle.

The teams that travelled to the Midwest Regional on the weekend of Feb. 28 were some of the best robotics teams in attending, including four past World Champions. This was reflected at the end of each day with high scores. On the last day an alliance which included Governor Simcoe scored 146 points, the highest at any of the five regional competitions held across the world this weekend. After three days of fierce competition and many stellar robot performances, the team found themselves among the top teams by the end of the qualifying rounds.

For the final competition, Simcoe was in an alliance with two other teams and, despite technical setbacks, was able to win and be crowned regional champion.

The will be competing again at the University of Waterloo from March 20-22 and at the Hershey Centre in Toronto from March 27-29. These competitions lead up to the world championship taking place April 17-19 in Atlanta, Georgia.