2012 FIRST Championship - Archimedes - Finals Match 3

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Still can't get over how intense this matchup was. Archimedes finals, 2056+1114+4334 vs. 2826+67+4134. Some fun facts about this series:

  • This was the 4th time in the past 6 years that 1114 and 67 had faced off at the championship. In 2007, 67's alliance (1732, 48) defeated 1114's alliance (469, 1523) in the infamous Curie SFs. In 2008, 1114's alliance (217, 148) defeated 67's alliance (16, 348) in the Einstein Finals. In 2010, 67's alliance (294, 177) defeated 1114's alliance (469, 2041) in the Einstein Finals. We tied up this "frivalry" (friendship + rivalry) with the win in this video
  • This was the 12th time that 1114 and 2056 had paired up together in the elimination rounds at a regular season event. We're now 11-1 together.
  • 2056 and 1114 have never worn blue bumpers together at a regular season event. This was the first time we weren't on the #1 alliance.
  • This was the first time that an all Canadian alliance had even been formed at the Championship

This was by far the most intense series 1114 has ever been a part of. The last 30 seconds of this match felt like an eternity. From us popping our main breaker, eliminating the opportunity for a clinching triple balance, to the "it's balanced, no it's not balanced, yes it's balanced again, no it's not balanced." triple balance attempt by our opponents. This match came down to the literal last second.

This particular video is great because it captures the reaction of our alliance in the stands. You feel the intensity and emotion. Especially in the aftermath as the crowd breaks out into a "CAN-A-DA" chant. What made this even more special, was that it wasn't just our alliance cheering, but it was all the Canadian teams in our division, plus some from other divisions, who had united in support of the #ehteam or #teamcanada. But loyalty wasn't just divided along international lines, plenty of our American and international friends were also cheering for us. It was amazing. (Especially coming from events in Canada, where there's often no one cheering for us, aside from our own teams and 1547. Things have come a long way.)

Numerous people commented that it felt like we were watching an Olympic hockey game, with Gretzky scoring the winner overtime. It's a feeling none of us will soon forget.