2008 FIRST Championship

After an extremely difficult competition, Simbotics emerged from the Galileo division with a record of (7-0-0) in the qualification matches, and (6-0-0) in the elimination rounds. We partnered with team 217 “The Thunder Chickens” and team 148 “Robowranglers” to win the Galileo division.

Our alliance competed in an intense set of matches on the Einstein field. After a loss in the semi-finals, our alliance managed to obtain two wins to advance to the finals. We defeated the Curie divisional champions to achieve the title of FIRST Overdrive World Champions! Congratulations to our amazing alliance partners, all of our generous sponsorsmentors, and students for finally realizing this prestigious feat; we couldn’t have done it without your dedication!

Simbotics finished this year with a record of three regional wins, a regional Chairman’s Award, a championship division win, and world champion status.

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