2009 FIRST Championship

Simbotics entered the 2009 Championships in Atlanta looking to repeat as World Champions. Simbotics were competing in a tough Archimedes division, which featured 24 regional champions (including 1114 following the GTR win) and 2 two-regional winners (2415 and 2056, a member of the winning alliance in GTR). After a tough qualification schedule, Simbotics emerged with a 7-0 record and first seed. Simbotics once again paired with Team 2056, “OP Patriotics” and also selected Team 503, “Frog Force“. After two consecutive quarterfinal victories, our number 1 seeded alliance advanced to face an extremely tough fifth seeded alliance consisting of 222, 1218 and 2753. Following an unprecedented tie and a second match victory, Simbotics’ alliance unfortunately lost the next two semi final matches. Congratulations to the fifth seeded alliance for a well played semi-finals and on becoming Archimedes Division Championships. Also, congratulations to the eventual World Champions, Team 67, “The HOT Team“, Team 111, “Wildstang” and Team 971, “Spartan Robotics“. Simbotics didn’t come home empty handed, however, after being the recipient of the 2009 Championship Best Web Site Award. Thanks again to all family, mentors and sponsors who supported us all year for another outstanding season.

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