2010 FIRST Championship

Team 1114 and Quatchi entered the Championships in Atlanta with high hopes and were in a strong Curie Division that included 33 regional victories and teams such as 469 (two MI District Wins and a MI State Championship Win with a unique robot), 1732 (two Regional Wins), 1986 (one Regional Win) and 111. After eight matches through a day and a half of qualifying, we were just five seeding points ahead of Team 111. Friday also included a 6 vs 0 match, where we helped 469 and 111 to a 29-0 victory, our first loss of the season. Thanks to the help of our alliance of Teams 231 and 288, we were able to keep the score differential to only 5 before penalties. Strong matches by 111 on Saturday morning (10-9, 14-6) put the Simbots in a tough position with only one match to play. Thanks to a great alliance and smart strategy, we were able to get a seeding score of 40 and finish 15 points ahead of 111 to earn first seed. We were able to select Team 469, “Las Guerrillas” and Team 2041, “The Robocats”. Thanks to the Guerrillas unique design and strategy and Team 2041’s defensive play in the near zone to continue the cycle, we were able to become Curie Division Champions in six consecutive matches.

On the Einstein Field we first faced the Archimedes Division Champions Teams 233, 254 and 3357. After two hard fought victories, we advanced to the Einstein Finals to face the Newton Field Champions of 294, 67 and 177. The Newton Champions were able to advance to the Finals after defeating the Galileo Championship Alliance which included fellow Canadians, Team 2056. Unfortunately, after two hard fought matches, strong opposition from the Newton Championship Alliance and a few bad breaks, we were defeated (14-16 and 13-16).

Thanks to Teams 469 and 2041 for all their hard work in the elimination matches. Congratulations goes to the World Champions, Team 67, “The HOT Team“, Team 294, “Beach Cities Robotics” and Team 177, “Bobcat Robotics“. Congratulations also to Team 2056 for their Division Victory and their Championship Engineering Excellence Award. Thanks to all our friends, family and sponsors for the support and for the spirit of those in attendance in Atlanta. Special thanks to teams 148, 217, 254, 188, 1547 & 2056 for coming to support us in stands throughout the weekend. Congratulations goes to the entire 1114 family for a successful 2010 season.

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