2010 Greater Toronto Regional

Simbot Quatchi entered its final regional of the 2010 season after successful regionals in Pittsburgh and Waterloo. The team entered the Greater Toronto Regional (GTR) as five-time defending champions (2005-2009), the last three with Team 2056, “Patriotics“. Team 1114 and 1114 alumni had a very successful Friday. The Simbots were seeded second with an average seeding score of 21.15 and also took home the regional Best Website Award. Team 2056 were seeded first with an average seeding score of 23.84 and their coach and mentor, Tyler Holtzman, took home the Woodie Flowers Regional Award. Congratulations goes to the former student and mentor of Simbotics. Saturday morning’s first match for 1114 was against the first seeded Patriotics. A 17-12 victory handed 2056 just their third loss in the 2010 season (all against 1114) and put 1114 in good position to seed first. The qualifications were finished up with a win and a tie, leaving the Simbotics in position to pick first. This allowed us to select Team 2056 and we were fortunate to have Team 1547, “Where’s Waldo” fall to us in the second round. The elimination rounds were competitive once again, with scares in the semi-finals and finals, but for the third straight regional we managed to finish without a single loss. Thus, extending our streak of GTR victories to six. Thanks to 2056 for an amazing offensive output in the close zone and to 1547 for their defensive ability in the middle zone and their end of match hanging ability. Thanks to our partners for creating the first triple hang of the FRC season!

In addition to winning the regional and the website award, we also took home the Coopertition Award and the Industrial Design Award. Congratulations to Team 2056 for their eighth consecutive regional win, to 1114 alumnus Tyler Holtzman for his Regional Woodie Flowers Award and to Team 1547 for their first regional victory.

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