2010 Indiana Robotics Invitational

Team 1114 and Simbot Quatchi were invited to attend the Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI), which once again boasted a strong field including two of the three World Champions (294 and 67) and two of the three World Finalists (1114 and 469). After a few tough losses and poor seeding scores, we found ourselves in 17th position following Friday’s matches. After the conclusion of qualifying matches, the top three seeds ended up as Team 330, “Beach Bots”, Team 1086, “Blue Cheese” and Team 33, “Killer Bees“. After 330 selected Team 469, we were selected by 1086 to join the selected alliance. Our alliance, thanks to the selection order of IRI, was rounded out with Galileo Division Wiiners, Team 2056, “OP Patriotics” and Team 3138, “Innovators Robotics“. Our alliance was able to defeat the seventh seeded alliance after two well played matches to face the Killer Bees alliance in the semi finals. The semis went to five matches, which included backup bots from both alliances playing and performing well. After a win, two ties and a loss, we were able to pull out the final match 22-12 after strong midzone play from Teams 1114 and 2056 and front zone play by 1086. Our alliance was up against the first alliance consisting of 330, 469, 359 and 399 in the finals. After a loss in the first match, a change in strategy put Blue Cheese in the far zone to attempt to slow down 469’s cycle. After a tie and a Simbot victory, the finals came down to a fourth match. Unfortunately our efforts weren’t enough as we lost 22-18.

Congratulations goes to the winning alliance of Team 330, “Beach Bots”, Team 469, “Las Guerillas”, Team 359, “Hawaiian Kids”, and Team 399, “Eagle Robotics”. Thanks to Blue Cheese for selecting us, working well with us in alliance selection and strategy discussions and for their excellent ability to play both front zone and far zone in those final matches. Thanks goes to OP Robotics for their excellent midzone play, hanging ability and congratulations to their new drive team who didn’t miss a beat in the elimination matches! Thanks as well to Innovators Robotics, who we were thrilled to get in the final round as a backup bot. Only at IRI does a Division Winner make it to the third round, but you stepped in great when our alliance needed you and your far zone play was a difference maker.

And finally, a big thank you goes to family, friends and sponsors once again for all their support in the 2010 season.

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