2012 Greater Toronto West Regional

Simbotics, Team 1114 entered Greater Toronto West Regional as our final regional for the 2012 season. After two regional wins, Simbotics were hoping to claim a third. Simbot Jordan had a successful Friday filled with eventful matches, coming out with a record of 6-1 and 10 co-opertition Points. Our team was also awarded with our third website award of the season. Congratulations to our website team for this tremendous achievement!

It came down to Simbotics’ final qualification match and despite the victory, we were unable to get any co-opertition points and were passed in the rankings by Team 3161. During alliance selections, Team 3161, Tronic Titans, selected Team 1114, as well as Team 2634, The Gryphons. After some challenging quarterfinals and semifinals, which saw our first successful triple balances of the season, our alliance entered the finals undefeated.

Our opponents in the finals were our friends from Team 2056 as well as Team 2200 and Team 4001. Simbotics lost an intense first match, with a score of 102-89 that came down to triple balancing. 20562200, and 4001 emerged victorious after a second match, winning 97-54. Congratulations to the winning alliance, it was a pleasure competing against you! The event finished with Simbotics being recognized with the General Motors Industrial Design Award, our second of the season.

Simbotics is looking forward to competing at St. Louis with many other great teams as well as having the opportunity to submit for  the Chairman’s Award, the Dean’s List Award, the Woodie Flowers Award and the Website Award. Good luck to all teams, see you in St. Louis!March 29, 2012 – March 31, 2012

FRC Greater Toronto West Regional

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