2012 Waterloo Regional

Team 1114, Simbotics. entered the 2012 Waterloo Regional with our robot Simbot Jordan looking to build on the success found at the Greater Toronto East Regional. After Friday’s matches, we were in second place with a 7-2 record and a 26 Qualification Score. On Friday we were also recognized by winning our second Website award of the season.

We began Saturday in a difficult position behind 3161, but luckily after two matches each we finished seeding number one, with a record of 9-2. We ended up picking with an alliance consisting of Team  2056, OP Robotics; and 4372, PRDG. After a successful run through the elimination rounds, we ended up Regional Champions. Thanks to team 2056 and 4372 for being such great alliance partners!

We finished off the day by earning the Industrial Design award, recognizing our robot design. Thanks to all the friends and parents who came to Waterloo to show their support! We look forward to competing at our next competition, the Greater Toronto East regional.

Congratulations to 2056 for their first ever, well deserved, Regional Chairman’s Award. Congratulations goes to our two practice field friends, 2852 and 1503 who had an incredible run and finished the regional as finalists.

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