2013 Waterloo Regional

After our success at the Greater Toronto East Regional, Simbotics entered the Waterloo Regional excited to be joined by many new Canadian teams. Simbot B.A Baracus had another busy Thursday with some modifications made and had another successful Friday with our first 50 point climb and dump of the season. Friday also saw a match where we were aligned with our friends at 2056, OP Robotics and team 1946, Le Vortex, and managed to reach a new world high score of 277 points including the 89 penalty points. Friday’s matches at Waterloo were high scoring and entertaining with many alliances capable of surpassing 100 points. It was great to see so many great Canadian teams working hard on and off the field showing the rest of FIRST what we can achieve.

Saturday morning we entered the day as one of two undefeated teams, along with BAE Granite State Regional Winners, Team 610. Our first match of the day was against Team 610, and with the help of Teams 3161 and 2625, we were victorious and were able to take the first seed. The qualification matches ended with a two point defeat against our friends 2056, OP Robotics, with Simbotics finishing in second place again, with a record of 11-1. We were selected by Team 2056 and were incredibly excited to be able to add Team 4069 Lo-Ellen Robotics to our alliance. With the addition of a consistent full court shooter to our alliance in eliminations, we were excited to see how we could perform on the field.

After all of the high scores seen in the qualification matches, the elimination matches didn’t disappoint. The average winning score during elimination matches was over 150 points, with the losing score over 90 points. Our alliance worked great together with 4069 taking full court shots down the field, 2056 cleaning up any missing and Simbot B.A finishing the matches with 50 point climb and dumps and became regional champions. Our alliance was able to surpass 200 points five times while setting a new unpenalized world high score of 243.

Thank you to all the teams for making Waterloo such a great event. Thanks to our friends and families who were able to attend and help our spirit team make event exciting for all of us. Congratulations to 2056 and 1305 on their well deserved Engineering Inspiration and Chairman’s Awards respectively. With the implementation of the new wild card system in FIRST this year, the Finalist Alliance of 610, 1310 and 3756 all qualified for World Championships as well. See you there!

We’ll see some of you next week as well as some new teams at Greater Toronto West, including our friends from Niagara Falls, Team 1503 Spartonics, after their win in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. Be sure to check back on our website or our twitter for updates on the event, including scores and webcast information.

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