Simbotics in the FIRST Hall of Fame

Team 1114: Simbotics is truly honoured to be recognized with the Chairman’s Award this past weekend. The Chairman’s Award is given to the team that best demonstrates the greatest commitment to spreading passion about science and technology to other people around the world. After five consecutive regional Chairman’s Awards, Simbotics has joined the FIRST Hall of Fame. Simbotics is the first Canadian team and first 4-digit number team to win the Chairman’s Award.

In the past decade, we have won 19 regionals, 1 world championship, and 6 Regional Chairman’s Awards. These accomplishments stem from some of the dedicated leaders on our team, demonstrated by our 3 Woodie Flowers Finalists, 9 Volunteer of the Year Awards, and 4 Dean’s List Finalists. Simbotics has started 12 FRC teams, including 2 new ones this year, 46 VEX teams, and 47 FLL teams, for a total of 105 robotics teams.

Through our continual founding of FIRST teams, development of the SimPhone app, the integration and creation of the robotics curriculum, the Ontario Science Centre exhibit, the “Kitbot on Steroids“, and the Professionally Speaking magazine article, Team 1114 has been able to impact society through the power of science, technology and enthusiasm. All of these accomplishments demonstrate Team 1114’s continuous pursuit of excellence while working to fulfill the mission of FIRST. Over the past decade, Simbotics has worked relentlessly to help other teams around the world, engaging over 6.7 million people in 65 countries.

This weekend we were also honoured to be presented the GM Team of the Year Award for the second time, being the only team to ever receive this award twice. The award is presented to teams who help spread the message of FIRST are strong role models to other teams.

We would like to thank our dedicated students, alumni, mentors, sponsors and countless teams around the world for their continued support for making this possible.

Simbotics was very excited to begin competing in St. Louis. We played through 9 qualifying rounds in the Archimedes Division. After being plagued with electrical issues throughout these qualification matches, we finished with a record of 4-4-1, a Qualification Score of 17 and a rank of 66 in a field of 100 teams.

In alliance selection, team 2056, OP Robotics invited us to join the second alliance. Team 4334, Alberta Tech Alliance was then invited to join what would become the alliance from the “Great White North”. In the stands, cheers for Canada fueled us for the difficult elimination matches to come. In the Archimedes finals, we fought our toughest matches of the season versus team 2826, Wave Roboticsteam 67, The HOT team; and team 4143, MARS/WARS. Our quick triple balancing helped secure our victory and we proceeded to Einstein, proudly representing Canada.

The severe weather in the area provided a perfect metaphor for the events that transpired on Einstein. During every Einstein match, our entire alliance felt a myriad of communication problems. This was evident during our semi-final matches with all alliance robots becoming immobile for the majority of the matches. Emotions ran high as we were inevitably defeated, unable to attempt the triple balance we practiced throughout the season and executed swiftly during Archimedes eliminations. We would like to congratulate the winning alliance, team 180, S.P.A.M. Roboticsteam 25, Raider Robotix; and team 16, Bomb Squad, for their unbelievable strategy, and offensive and defensive play, leading them to become the 2012 World Champions.

Team 1114: Simbotics would once again like to thank everyone who has made this team and organization possible, and extend our gratitude for all the support we have been given. 

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