2014 Greater Toronto East Regional

Team 1114 and Simbot Evolution began their 2014 season at the Greater Toronto East Regional in Oshawa, Ontario. We began the qualification matches strong, earning a score 420 points in our first match of the year. With a record of 8-0 by the end of friday, we were constantly battling for first seed against Team 3683, in some instances, prompting the third tiebreaker to determine which team was on top.

Collecting two more victories on Saturday morning, we became the number one seed, and created a powerful alliance with teams 3683 and 4718. After a victorious series of quarter-final matches, our alliance moved onto the semi-finals unscathed. Losing our first match during semi-finals, the fifth seeded alliance emerged victorious, ending up as champions of the event. Congratulations go to FIRST Teams 4476, 1285, and 2198 for outscoring both the first and second seeded alliances and taking home gold.

Further congratulations goes to Brennan Bibic from FIRST Team 4476 and Darby Watterworth from FIRST Team 781 for earning the Dean’s List Finalist award, Honson Lam from FIRST Team 188 for the Volunteer of the Year award, and Thuvishan Rajagulasingam from 1241 for the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award. Impressing spectators and judges alike, Simbotics did not leave the event empty-handed, earning the Quality Award at the end of the event. Team 1114 is eagerly anticipating our next event, and is looking forward to playing alongside FIRST Teams 2056 and 254, along with all of our other Canadian friends. Watch out fellow FIRSTers, this is going be an event to remember. Water, Water, Water!

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