2015 Greater Toronto Central Regional

Team 1114 Simbotics and Simbot Sideswipe began our Recycle Rush season at the Greater Toronto Central Regional. The Simbots quickly ‘swiped’ first place, starting the day off strong in our first match with a score of 122. Our average kept rising until it reached 141.5 at the end of Friday.

After all the qualification matches on Saturday morning the average had risen to 142.9 earning us the position of the number 1 seed and setting the world’s highest qualification average. Our team then formed a powerful alliance with 610, the Coyotes, and our  long time friends and “sister team” 1547, “Where’s Waldo?”.

During the quarter-finals, each robot played an integral part of our strategy. Team 610 lined up in front of the landfill, preparing to grab two recycling containers in the autonomous period and Team 1547 lined up a set of six totes on a ramp for us to score in teleoperated period. Using this approach we were able to score four stacks of six totes with containers on top. We continued to use this strategy through semi-finals and made it to finals. In finals we faced off against Team 188, 4001, and 2994. In both finals matches we managed to outscore the blue alliance who put up impressive scores of 84 and 97.

At the end of the regional our team earned the Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors. We would like to congratulate Team 1241, Theory 6, on winning the Regional Chairman’s Award and Team 771, SWAT, on winning the Regional Inspiration Engineering Award. We’re looking forward to competing with all the teams at the Waterloo regional, especially our practice field friends Teams 2056, 3683 and 4039.

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