2015 Waterloo Regional

After our success at Greater Toronto Central Regional, Team 1114 was excited to compete again in Waterloo. The Waterloo Regional has a storied reputation of being one of the world’s most competitive FRC events and this year was not an exception. With 30 teams coming from all over North America, this event gave us all a glimpse of what is to come at the Championship event.

Friday was a thrilling day, with many match scores exceeding 100 points. We were  fortunate with our schedule, having two matches back-to-back with our friends team 2056. During one of these matches we managed to score 284 points with the help of 2935, surpassing the previous highest score in the world by  69 points. At the end of the day, we finished our tenth qualification match with an average of 196.8 points.

After our last three qualifications matches on Saturday, our average dipped slightly to 183 points, which was still the highest average at the event. This ushered us into the number one seed, allowing us to choose Team 2056 – OP Robotics, the second seeded team, and Team 5719 – Titans. During the playoffs, each robot proved to be an extremely useful component of the alliance. Team 2056 lined up in front of the landfill, preparing to grab two recycling containers in the autonomous period and Team 5719 lined up a sets of six totes on two separate ramps for both us and 2056 to score in teleoperated period. With this strategy we scored 280 points in the second match of semifinals. In finals we played against Team 5406, 3683 and 1334. In the finals we outscored the blue alliance who had scores of 126 and 98. Simbot SideSwipe swiped a Regional Championship once again, and Team 1114 took home our second Industrial Design Award of the season.

Congratulations to our close friends at team 2056, OP robotics, who not only performed amazingly on the field this weekend, but have been recognized for their outstanding outreach initiatives with their second regional Chairman’s Award. It’s amazing to see how far our rookie team from 2007 has come. Further congratulations go to Steven Lao for winning the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award and to Team 1241 for winning the Engineering Inspiration Award. All of us on Simbotics are looking forward to “running through the six stacks” at the second Windsor Essex Great Lakes Regional which is less than two weeks away!

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