2015 Windsor-Essex Great Lakes Regional

Team 1114 was thrilled to attend our final regional of the season, The Windsor-Essex Great Lakes Regional. Forty-eight teams attended from all across North America, including teams from California, New York and Michigan.

The first day of qualifications went well with many alliances scoring over 120 points. We witnessed a higher level of teamwork and efficiency. In our first qualification match we experienced a rough start, however we quickly regained focus and achieved a qualification average of 144.1. We ended the day ranked second.

In our final four matches we managed to increase our average to 165.9, ‘swiping’ the first seed. This allowed us to choose the second seed, Team 2056 – OP Robotics and Team 4903 – Mustangs. In playoffs each team played a crucial role in our alliance. Both 2056 and 1114 ran two distinct autos, scoring 20 points and grabbing the recycling containers from the step. In the teleoperated period, we started to load totes from the landfill while, team 4903 prepared sets of six totes for us to score. We managed to score an average of 232.7 and were ranked first throughout the quarterfinals and semifinals. In finals we went head to head against a powerful alliance composed of teams 1325, 3683 and 216. In both finals matches we outscored the blue alliance despite their impressive scores of 178 and 152.

At the end of the regional we took home our third Industrial Design Award, and third regional win of the season. Congratulations to our friends, 2056, on winning the Quality Award and their 22nd consecutive regional win. Further congratulations goes to 771 on achieving the Regional Chairman’s Award and to Lee Award from 772 for winning the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award.

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