2017 Ontario Provincial Championship

Team 1114 competed at the Ontario Provincial Championships, alongside 59 other highly competitive robots. This competition displayed the innovation and ambition of FIRST Canada teams. Congratulations to Geoff Allen, our lead Mentor, for receiving the Woodie Flowers award! At the end of qualifications, our team had a win-loss ratio of 9-2, landing us in the 2nd seed position. During alliance selection, we picked team 188 Blizzard to join our alliance, as well as our second pick, team 2609 BeaverworX. After tough competition, we ended the competition as quarter finalists. We would like to congratulate the championship finalists, team 4939 Allspark9, team 2200 MMRambotics, and team 4976 Rebelsour, as well as district championship winners team 610 Crescent Robotics, our sister team 2056 OP Robotics, and team 4814 Incubator.

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