2017 Ryerson University District Event

Team 1114 Simbotics competed at our first season’s competition at the Ryerson District Event, along with 38 other determined teams. After a rough start to the qualification matches, we gained our footing, improving our gear cycling time and our shooting accuracy during the autonomous period. By the end of the qualification matches, our win-loss ratio was 7-5, landing us in the 10th rank position. During alliance selection, first seed alliance team 610 picked us as their partner, alongside 5596. The competition concluded, with our alliance finishing as district event champions, as well as being rewarded the quality award (sponsored by Motorola Solutions Foundation). Congratulations to the finalists, teams 5024, 6052, 6378 and their alliance captain 2609, as well as Chairman’s District winners Team 1325 Inverse Paradox.

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