2018 Ontario Provinical Championship

Team 1114 competed at the Ontario Provincial Championship, in the Technology Division, alongside 39 of the best teams Ontario has to offer. Finishing the qualification matches as the third seed, we achieved a win-loss ratio of eleven to one. In alliance selection, we were picked by the first seed, team 1241 THEORY6 and were joined by team 4308 ABSOLUTE ROBOTICS. Following tough playoff matches, we finished as the finalists of the Technology Division. Congratulations to the winning alliance of the Technology Division and Provincial Championship finalists, teams 5406 Celt-X, 4917 Sir Lancerbot, and 4939 Allspark9. We would also like to congratulate the Provincial champions, teams 2056 OP Robotics, 1325 Inverse Paradox, 6875 Amazon Warriors – Build A Dream Robotics, and the Provincial Chairman’s Award winners, teams 1241 THEORY 6, 1325 Inverse Paradox, and 4039 MakeShift Robotics.

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