2019 Humber College Event

Team 1114 Simbotics was thrilled to compete at our first event of the season, the Ontario District Humber College Event. The team had a strong start in our first qualification match with a completed rocket and eighteen HAB climb points, receiving four ranking points and the match victory. Throughout the qualification matches, we achieved a record of eleven wins and one tie, and with thirty-six ranking points we clinched the number one seed. In alliance selection, we picked 3683 Team DAVE and 771 SWAT, with whom we were very happy to work. Throughout the playoff matches, we remained undefeated and in the second finals match, we set the Ontario District high score of 108, consequently making our alliance the Humber District Event Champions. During the awards ceremony, we were honoured with the Autonomous Award sponsored by Ford recognizing the great efforts of our programming subteam. Additionally, our lead programming mentor, Kaleb Dodd, was recognized as a Woodie Flowers Finalist Award nominee. Congratulations to the event finalists, teams 4039 MakeShift Robotics, 865 WARP7, and 2198 Paradigm Shift, as well as the well deserving District Chairman’s Award winner 4039 MakeShift Robotics. We are ready and excited to compete in our next event, the Windsor-Essex Great Lakes District Event, from March 28th to 30th.

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