The Kitbot on Steroids was designed by Team 1114 to provide a simple and inexpensive drivetrain for teams to use that is both robust and highly effective. Over the years, many teams have used this style of the drivetrain with amazing successes, including numerous regional winners. The best part of this drivetrain is that it’s very simple to assemble, allowing you to spend more of your build season working on mechanism design, programming, and practice. Also, it’s simplicity and robust nature ensures this drivetrain will keep running all season long with a minimal amount of maintenance.

Video Guide
Drivetrain Theory

One of the new resources in the Textbook for Success is our presentation on drivetrain design. This presentation explains many of the key principles of drivetrain design while Bill of Materialising the reasons that The Kitbot on Steroids is strategically correct for most teams.

Assembly Instructions

Step by step written instructions to assembling the Kitbot on Steroids

Bill of Materials

This Bill of Materials provided an overview of everything needed to build a Kitbot on Steroids, as well as costs. Includes a breakdown of what is needed solely to upgrade from the 2011 FRC Kit of Parts. For a list of each individual component, please see the beginning of the assembly instructions.


This model is to be used in the incorporation of the Kitbot on Steroids into an entire robot design. It is modeled exactly as would be assembled using our instructions.

Kitbot on Steriods CAD (.stp)

2011 Kickoff Presentation

At the start of the 2011 build season, Simbotics gave a presentation on how to best utilize elements from the FRC kit of parts to complete an effective, robust drivetrain.