SimPhone is a comprehensive resource for learning the fundamentals of competitive robotics. This app is designed to lead teams competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition to success

SimPhone features all the sections of Team 1114, Simbotics’, Textbook for Success. These sections are all focused on helping both rookie and veteran teams to better themselves both on and off the competition field. The Textbook Success was initially created in 2005 as a set of workshops for teams in the Waterloo area. Since then it has been used by hundreds of teams across the FIRST community. With the creation of this app, we hope to make these resources more accessible for all teams.

Kitbot on Steroids

A video and tutorial aimed at helping all teams to make a simple and inexpensive drivetrain that is robust enough to last beyond the FRC season with a minimal amount of maintenance. This drivetrain (or similar) has proven effective through numerous regional and district event wins by many teams. This section includes a bill of materials and all the instruction you will need to complete your own Kitbot on Steroids.


The strategy section focuses on the fundamental strategic design principles in FIRST; Teams learn how to decide what to design and ensures that resources are managed effectively. It covers the essentials of scouting, advanced scouting methods, and the planning and execution of match strategies

Running a Team

This section covers all the basics you will need in order to run your own FRC team. It focuses on aspects such as team organization, and fundraising.

Robot Design

The mobility, pneumatics and robot design sections focus on the design process, principles, and techniques for building a championship FRC robot. The mobility section discusses the selection of any FRC robot’s most important subsystem, the drivetrain.


  • A complete guide to the Kitbot on Steroids
  • The complete Textbook for Success
  • Retina display graphics
  • iPad version, which is the perfect reading companion
  • Support for emailing and printing content

SimPhone Posters

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