Simbotics is a dedicated team of high school students training for potential jobs in the technology sector. This extra-curricular program allows these students to compete in robotics competitions.

The team is given several weeks in which they design, build, and drive a fully operational robot. The team is split into many “sub-teams,” which practice different disciplines of the technology sector. In order to make this all possible, a large amount of money is raised by the team through community events and sponsorship. By sponsoring Simbotics, you can help these students reach their hopes and dreams, and allow them to become the engineers of tomorrow. Your contribution will ensure that plenty of skilled workers continue to enter the workforce in years to come.

Sponsoring Simbotics also yields advertising benefits. Depending on the donation, you could receive a large amount of exposure. Links and logos on the website, logos on the robot, or even a mention in the team name are all possibilities. The scope of the competition means that your name will be distributed to hundreds of thousands. Attendance is estimated at over 60 000 students with over 2 300 teams, along with 51 000 mentors and 50 000 event volunteers. These teams originate from almost every US state, Turkey, Canada, U.K., Netherlands, Germany, India and more. Most teams also include mentors, who (in many cases) are fully certified engineers working for a broad range of engineering companies. In addition, the Championship Event is hosted in Detroit, Michigan in TCF Center and Ford Field. Not only will there be local attendance in the venues, but the event is also broadcast across the world through broadcasts on the internet and television worldwide, which will distribute your name to uncountable amounts of viewers.

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