The design philosophy on Team 1114 is to use 3D design as much as needed to manufacture the robot. As you will see in the models, several details are omitted in an effort to reduce the time to manufacture and model complexity (to increase SolidWorks performance). In addition, many of the design changes that are made after parts are initially manufactured are not updated in our models; unless they need to be laid out using SolidWorks due to complexity. As a result, several of our "homemade" subsystems did not make it into the models (such as the pickup & hanger bracing in 2010, minibot & minibot deployment in 2011, dingus mounting & ball elevator in 2012, and shooter floor/roof & deflector in 2013). If you have any questions about these subsystems, feel free to ask and we will try to jog our memories.

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2018 FIRST Robot

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