Part 2: Treading the wheels

Your wheels may come pre-treaded, in which case, this method may be used if/when your treads need to be replaced.

Step 1

Begin by cutting your treads to length.

(Note: you may want to create a template or jig for your treads for faster replacements.)

Step 2

Lay one end of the tread in the groove of the wheel, and drill a hole through the tread and wheel for a rivet to be popped through. Leave enough room for a second rivet to be popped beside it.

Step 3

Firmly press a rivet through the hole and pop the rivet.

Step 4

Drill the second hole and pop the rivet.

Step 5

Stretch the tread around the wheel ensuring there are no "bubbles", and cut off any excess tread if necessary.

Step 6

Drill another 2 holes and rivet this end in place.

Step 7

Add additional rivets in a few places around the wheel to reinforce.

(Note: avoid drilling holes directly in the center of Plaction wheels, as a rivet may slightly separate the wheel at its seam)

(Note: if using IFI Wheels opposed to AM Plaction wheels, align the holes drilled in the tread with the pre-punched holes in the wheel.)