Part 4: Continuing to assemble the frame

Step 1

Take one of the remaining C-Channels and place a 7" 3/8 axle bolt through each of the outer most axle holes and then center dropped hole.

Step 2

Place a 1.86" spacer on each of the axle bolts.

Step 3

Place one of the wheel assemblies on each of the axle bolts, sprocket side away from the C-Channels. Single sprocket wheels should be on the outer axles, while the center axles should hold a double sprocket wheel.

Step 4

Place one 2.50" spacer on each of the axle bolts.

Step 5

Take a Corner Connect and attach them in the end holes of the C-Channels.

(Note: ensure the end of the Corner Connects with 3 holes are connected to the full length C-Channels.)

Step 6

Slide each of these rails (C-Channel with axles, wheels and Corner Connects), into the previously assembled frame (from Part 1), with the axles going through their opposite holes.

(Note: ensure the all of the C-Channel's center holes are downwards while assembling)

Step 7

Attach the Corner Connects into the 2nd and 3rd holes of the cut C-Channels.

Step 8

Apply 3/8-16 nylock nuts to the ends of all of the axle bolts. Tighten them enough for the wheels to spin freely, with little to no lateral movement of the axle.