Part 8: Assembling the gearboxes

Step 1

Position the gearbox between the center and back wheels, lightly fastening it with a 5/8" 1/4-20 socket head screws, 1/4" washers, and nylock nuts. The gearbox should be loose enough that it can still slide along its slots.

Step 2

Cut chains going from the gearbox to the back and center wheels, and attach them over the sprockets.

Step 3

Cut the 2 cross hex extrusions to 16 7/8" in length.

Step 4

Fasten the cross hex extrusions between the gearboxes using 1/4-20 thread rolling screws. Drive them in using a 3/8" wrench or socket driver.

Step 5

Slide the gearboxes into a position where the chain tension is about equal and fully fasten down the gearboxes by tightening the screws and nuts.

Finished Product