Center of Gravity and Force Distribution


  • The lower and more centered your center of gravity
    • The less likely your robot will tip, very important when traversing obstacles
    • The better your robot will "handle" (accelerates and turns smoother)
  • CoG dictates how much force each wheel provides to support the robot
    • This is important for turning and pushing
  • For tipping, the fulcrum will be the outer edge of the robot frame or bumper
  • Once the Center of Gravity is pushed past the fulcrum, the robot will continue to tip under its own weight
  • The closer the center of gravity to a support, the more normal
  • force the support (wheel) will have • From previous analysis, we know
    • FN,1 = d2 / L · Fg
    • FN,2 = d1 / L · Fg
    • FN,1 / FN,2 = d2 / d1