2009 Control System Workshops

  • 2009 Control System & Beta Test Overview - An overview of the new FIRST control system.
  • Control System Connectivity - How to connect the robot, driver station and programming computer.
  • Comparing C and C++ - Explains the philosophical differences between C and C++ Programming. Also gives an overview of the syntax of objects in C++
  • Introduction to C++ - Examples of C++ code segments and what they translate to on your robot, including basic control of joysticks, victors, relays, etc.
  • LabVIEW Basics - A basic introduction to using LabVIEW for programming FRC robots.
  • Simbot Prime, C++ Beta Test Code - The C++ code developed for teleoperated control of the robot. It includes examples of an Iterative Robot with one-joystick drive and simple arm control, as well as some convenience classes we wrote for double solenoids and the Logitech Dual Action Gamepad. Also included is an autonomous mode that tracks the green light and scores a tube on a spider leg, as well as a class for doing PID calculations 1114-style.