LabVIEW Basics


  • LabVIEW modules are broken down into Visual Instruments (VIs)
  • The Front Panel provides the GUI front end to the program
  • The Block Diagram contains the logic behind the scenes connecting the Front Panel components

Front Panel

  • Contains input and output elements
    • Ex. Dial, switches, thermostat, speedometer
  • Very easy to create front ends

Block Diagram

  • Flow of data in LabVIEW is done by connecting blocks together with wires

Running Code

  • There are two options for running code:
    • Run (arrow):
      • code executes through once.
      • The inputs will flow though wires to the outputs one time
  • Run Continuous (two arrows looping around):
    • Code executes repeatedly.
    • Input ‐> output flow executes over and over

Highlighting Execution

  • The light bulb
  • Shows the flow and values of data through the wires
  • Code runs slowly, shows that a block will not generate output until it receives all inputs

Basic Arithmetic

  • There are many built‐in functions (VIs)


  • Condition for the case statement is wired to the '?'
  • There is a different tab for each possible case

While Loops

  • Everything in the while block will execute continuously as long as the condition is true